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My name is Jeanette Hunter and I’m from Falkirk, Scotland but currently residing between Falkirk and Bucharest – Fast becoming a hub in Europe for digital nomads, and people running online businesses, with its internet being one of the fastest in the world and the ability to explore interesting culture and neighbourhoods. 

I’m degree educated but I feel the majority of the skills I use on a day-to-day basis were gained during my 12 years working as a virtual assistant. I have experience of most productivity, accounting and small business software and you can see the ways in which I can assist here – How I Can Support Your Business. While most of my clients are UK based and most of my experience is UK-centred, I have clients around the world mainly in other European countries, Australia and the US. 

I thrive on the variety that this type of work brings and getting to meet (virtually) lots of different people.  

My daily routine involves Ashtanga Yoga, Bellyfit, cooking and learning languages. I like to have a well-rounded lifestyle that keeps me feeling healthy and refreshed so I can give my work the attention it deserves. 

My Approach

Generally, my preference is to take a client-centred approach to make your life easier. If you need additional support or a different style of support, why not contact me to discuss?


I like taking the time to learn about how you work, your personal style and how you communicate with your clients. Whenever I liaise with your clients or customers, it "makes sense" and they can feel confident and secure during the time I'm working with them.

Processes & Procedures

The vast majority of new clients arrive with their businesses already set up. They just need an extra helping hand to make their lives easier. I'm happy to slot myself in and use whatever software and systems you are already using. It's highly likely that I already have some experience in the software that you currently use. If you're looking for ideas, I can suggest new processes and software to create more efficiency.


Usually, I'm in close communication with my clients on a daily basis. I'm open to communicating with you in a way that suits your lifestyle whether it be Voxer, Slack, iMessage, Whatsapp, Email or something else.

Regular Meetings

If you're happy to do so, we can have regular chats or meetings to ensure everything is running smoothly and any projects are on track. I can also highlight any places where we can create more efficiency, grow or manage things better.

"I love the services you provide, and I think you are an exceptional assistant. Many thanks for your fantastic work"
Ali S
online retailer

Have Any Questions For Me?

Get in touch with me if you have any questions, especially if you have never worked with a virtual assistant before. I’m not salesy or pushy, and I only work with clients where I feel I can provide actual value to them. 

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