Wellness Therapist

Wellness Therapist

This wellness therapist had most processes already set up and a large online following. As her business was growing rapidly, she needed a virtual assistant for therapists to help run her back-office tasks and also help her with new avenues such as online courses.

Her time travelling to appointments was increasing and becoming more complicated, so she needed a robust system for managing travel time and ensuring she could meet these increasing demands. 

Virtual Assistant for Wellness Businesses

This client needed a virtual assistant for therapists to manage the main email account of her busy wellness business. Due to the nature of the work, it was necessary to communicate with her clients in a sensitive manner. 

Using her online booking system, I would book in different types of appointments for her customers whilst taking into account the different locations that she worked from and travel time. 

For every client that booked a session or course, it was necessary to send an invoice and explain the terms & conditions for payment and cancellation. Payments were also taken over the phone.  

Running an online course was something she had never tried before and also never had the time to develop before. She needed assistance with content writing, design, formatting and updating the website regarding this new course. 

As part of her wellness business, this client ran an online shop linked to her main website. She needed virtual assistance to write product descriptions, update products and prices, handle orders and ensure deliveries ran smoothly.  

This wellness business was split into two parts, one-to-one sessions with clients and also events for larger audiences. On a day-to-day basis, I booked and paid for rooms at the different clinics she operated from. 

For larger events, research was needed to find and book suitable venues and collate data regarding location, transport etc. for attendees. 

"I love that you have created templates for future use, making future work much quicker and easier. You are always looking ahead."
Kate D
wellness advisor
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