Property Surveying Business

Property Surveying Business

I provided property virtual assistant services to a property surveying company with a small team. They had very few processes in place, so much of this required setting up from scratch. The support I provided included bookings, finance and content writing.

This was a growing businesses that needed processes in place that could be scaled up as new staff were recruited. Additionally, they needed support to offer more services to potential customers, than the ones they were already offering.  

Virtual Assistant for Property Businesses

This client had a busy inbox but no clear processes and stages in place for handling different types of customers. Once I had put this in place, it meant that business was never missed, or lost, due to inefficiency. 

This client was using Microsoft 365 but was not utilising it to its full potential. I set up a booking system that incorporated the different types of bookings available and could be scaled up when new surveyors joined the team. 

Due to the nature of the work and different contracts (from local landlords to local authorities), it was really important to keep on top of differing due dates. Asides from every day invoicing, I also handled payments over the phone for customers who could not pay online. 

Team members were travelling and incurring daily expenses related to their work. I set up a new expense system that was easy for staff to use. 

One aim was to raise awareness of this client and to help show them as an authority within the domain that they operated. I set up a blog and wrote regular pieces regarding property, legal obligations, opinions and insights into the way they worked. 

Updating WordPress website and blog. Contributing to meetings, revisions and planning regarding their new website. 

When I first started working for this client, they had no social media presence. I set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and prepared and scheduled regular content. Daily effort was required in order to increase followers and improve engagement. 

Often this client would be working on large projects covering whole local authority areas. The project management included reviewing contracts, timeline and route planning, recruitment to cover extra demand, finance and more. 

As the company grew and the services they offered grew, I had the opportunity to write job descriptions, advertise jobs, conduct initial telephone interviews, book in face-to-face interviews and organise contracts. 

"The best part for me is that you're wading through and actually getting on top of the backlog."
Kate D
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