Coach & Trainer

Coach & Trainer

A busy coach running private sessions with clients and also running training courses for student practitioners. She was looking for a virtual assistant for coaches to handle her busy coaching business and take care of admin, finance, website updates and more.

We communicated via email, WhatsApp and Voxer on a daily basis. Trello was used to keep track of tasks and email automation sequences. Salesforce was used to keep track of leads and sales sequences. Finally, I used Planyo for scheduling appointments.   

Virtual Assistant for Coaches
Email Management

I accessed both her own email account and my PA email account. This meant I could jump in and handle her emails during busy periods. I could also answer emails as her PA and deal with clients and students directly. 

These email accounts had filing systems to keep track of leads, sales, specific projects, clients and students.  

Scheduling Client Bookings

Using Planyo, bookings would be scheduled into her diary and could be rearranged to suit the needs of the client.

Invoicing, Payments & Finance

This client needed a virtual assistant to invoice clients and students with Quickfile, take payments using Stripe, manage bookkeeping and occasionally assist with Tax Returns.  

Course Management

This client ran courses throughout the year. It was necessary to manage bookings, send invoices, take payments, update the website, answer students’ questions, send out course material and set up email sequences – all related to this course. 

Email Marketing

Setting up automated email sequences and scheduled emails for ongoing marketing and specific marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. Managing mailchimp email lists, pop ups and landing pages. Setting up email templates in Mailchimp. 

Leads Management

Keeping track of sales pipelines and adding leads to Salesforce. Setting up automations using Zapier with mailing list and scheduling software integrations. Setting up templates and automated emails and processes.  

Website Updates

Updating WordPress website and blog. Writing content for her website. Adding plugins. 

Social Media

Adding social media posts and advertising events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Managing Facebook groups and responding to Facebook enquiries. Boosting posts and adding paid campaigns to Facebook.

Task & Project Management

Using Trello to keep track of tasks and projects. 

Personal Admin

General admin services provided by a virtual assistant for coaches. For example, assisting this client with personal admin such as booking her own personal appointments, organising deliveries and purchasing items. 

“I feel I can actually get down to work because I’m not being pestered with sales enquiries or difficult client enquiries”
Kate D
wellness advisor

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