Virtual Assistant FAQ

How will we work together?

Usually, this is something we will work out together, right at the start. I communicate with my current clients in a number of ways, for example, using WhatsApp, IMessage, Voxer, Email, Slack and more. Don’t worry, we will figure out something that works well for you and your business. We can also adapt and change as things progress.

When do you work?

I work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm UK time. If something urgent happens outside these times and I am available, I will do my best to assist you. 

Where are you based?

In 2019, I moved from Scotland to Bucharest and this is where I have been based ever since. It has one of the fastest internets in the world, which is great for this type of work. I’ve been enjoying meeting many other people here who also run online businesses. It also means that I understand the support needs for clients who move base or travel frequently. 

How do I pay for your services?

Before we start working together, we will discuss payment methods. Usually, I prefer a monthly direct debit by GoCardless that can be cancelled at any time. Any extra hours or expenses used can be invoiced for separately. 

I already have processes and software in place, will you be able to use them?

Of course! I’m happy to work with the processes and software that you already have in place. We’re aiming to make your life easier, not add extra processes to make your work more complicated. In fact, I have experience with lots of software used by businesses – large and small. You can read about my experience here – How I Can Support Your Business

Do you work on an ad hoc basis, or on standalone projects?

Unfortunately, I cannot help with ad hoc work or on standalone projects. I prefer to work with regular clients and focus my time on being as effective as possible. This ensures that I’m not overly busy and that I can devote my attention to my regular, monthly clients. 

What happens if I need to use more hours than the monthly plan allows?

Usually, it’s absolutely fine to go over your monthly plan by a few hours. I will simply send you an invoice at the end of the month to cover the extra hours your have used. If you are consistently going over your hours, it might be that we agree to move you to a higher plan. 

Can you answer my calls?

I can’t answer calls myself personally, as I prefer to keep myself free to cover all my clients work. It ensures that my attention is not split between too many things and I can ensure good service. However, if you do need call answering, just let me know and I can set it up for you with my small call answering team that will handle your calls separately. 

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